Do we need a farm report for Innovation?

Posted by admin on Jun 9, 2010 in Creating New Markets

What if we had a regular innovation report similar to the daily farm report. For those of you without an agricultural background (which is most everyone these days) every day before they headed out to the fields to work, farmers would listen to the farm report on the radio. This would provide all of the farmers with the information they needed to make decisions for the days tasks including detailed weather reports, changes in grain futures, etc. What is the equivalent for companies seeking to innovation?

This question came up while I was attending the seventh annual Innovation Journalism Conference at Stanford University. The journalists there reporting on innovations focus more on the fruits of the harvest (new iPhone 4.0!) rather than the hard work that goes into enabling that harvest. Innovation Process reporting is difficult to do but something that teaches more about why the future is not as evenly distributed as we might expect. Then it hit me, is there an opportunity to create the high-tech version of the farm report to help those struggling to innovate?

You could imagine a a regular report that provides firms with such information, from around the global market place on such topics as…

  • Foreign Exchange rates
  • Demographic Trends
  • Customer sentiment trends
  • Patent scorecards of number and categories of published inventions
  • Changes in tax rates
  • etc.

So what do you think? Is this something we could use? What other elements are important to include? What frequency would you want this type of information?

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