Why Trusted Nomad?

My students believe that I’ve had at least eight careers. (I am currently a teacher at the Nueva School where I get to work with talent students in the areas of design thinking, engineering and entrepreneurship) That also leads them to consider me a baby boomer when I am a proud member of Gen X. What this means is that I have had a chance to move laterally across many career ladders rather than just up! (Kudos to Shane Snow for that model of success.)

I’ve been lucky to have been a chicken farmer, university professor, military officer, inventor, CEO, entrepreneur, husband, education researcher, father and most recently a high school teacher. I’ve worked across industries ranging from telecom to consumer electronics, agriculture to education, MEMS sensors to Smartphones.

Each shift has brought with it the chance to explore new domains, work with incredibly talented people and to build new skills. I strongly believe that much of what we bring with us along our lives is our integrity and reputation, both of which have been paramount to my own journey.

I originally conceived of the name Trusted Nomad in 1999 while discussing concepts for developing Micro Air Vehicles with a colleague from my deployment to England. I thought it would be a great name for a company some day and described a bit of my own journey through life. My brother surprised me by buying the domain as a birthday gift that year. For years it was a name looking for a company and served as my first shingle when I was launching Argus Insights in 2009. Since then Trusted Nomad is my sole proprietorship for any side hustles I happen to be working on. If you are in need of someone that has worked across a diverse number of industries, that has been trusted by the highest levels of government and business leadership, you’ve come to the right place.

Let me know how I can help! Email me at john.feland(at)trustednomad.com.